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Diversified Building Industries, Inc. is a total turnkey organization; from site analysis, building design and obtaining permits to final construction, interior design and decorating. We will represent You and Your interests as a consultant for any and all phases of your project; including but not limited to: architectural, engineering, design, general construction, construction management, bidding, negotiation, purchasing, contract writing and administration services; for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and hospitality projects; ranging from alterations, renovations, additions, to new construction.

Diversified Building Industries, Inc. performs its services for any type of project, regardless of how small or large, no matter what stage or phase the project is in. We can provide services from the beginning, middle, or at the end, for part or all of the project.

As an owner, developer, licensed general contractor, property manager, holder of mortgage broker and real estate licenses, and as an entrepreneur having been involved with initiating public offerings, mergers and acquisitions and owning international businesses in finance, and international trade, the team at Diversified Building Industries, Inc. is far more qualified, diversified and experienced than most, and can add much more to the quality, execution and overall value of your project.

As our world continues to change and generate new opportunities it also generates new problems for the construction industry, where construction problems continue to become increasingly more complex and diverse. It is important to be represented by a construction team that can provide you with innovative, precise and timely solutions. Diversified Building Industries, Inc., as your consultant, is well experienced and superbly capable of providing these services. We are resourceful, personable, result oriented and work well with the owners, contractors, engineers, architects, service providers and designers.

Diversified Building Industries, Inc. provides a new and innovative approach to construction solutions. We act as a consultant to represent You and Your interests. Imagine being outfitted with all of the "Tricks of the Trade" in your pocket. We will show you how to prevent all of the trades, material suppliers, service providers and contractors from putting extra money in their pockets. We will put it in yours instead. We will help you produce a project which yields you "More For Your Money", at a lower cost, in a timely fashion and without the hassles. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change! Who can put you in a better position, with more protection and guidance than a team that has been on the "other side of the fence" for more than thirty (30) years? We know all of the tricks, let us use them to your advantage. See our Partial List of Clients Section.

When you place your trust in us, you can be confident that all phases of your project will be addressed with an unparalleled level of dedication, competency, quality and integrity. We take great care in making sure you are treated as we would like to be treated by you. While this is an old concept we nonetheless feel it has timeless merits and we would like to think our success has had a lot to do with our strict adherence to it.

Diversified Building Industries, Inc. markets its’ services to Owners, Developers, Contractors, Architects and Designers.

If requested, Diversified Building Industries, Inc. can also represent you as a total turnkey construction organization; providing architectural, engineering, design, general construction and construction management services, for commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and hospitality projects; ranging from alterations, renovations, additions, to new construction.

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