Construction Services

Design Stage

DBI will direct the project objectives during the design phase to create a set of drawings and specifications that meet the Owner's objectives, which can easily be built from, are complete, accurate, precise and not subject to interpretation.

Hiring of Professionals, Contractors, Material Suppliers and Tradesmen

Most often people select their Architects, Professionals, Contractors, Materialmen and Trades People without having much knowledge of the intricacies of dealing with these disciplines. It is absolutely critical to be aware of many important factors prior to hiring. DBI has the absolute know how and the experience to negotiate, detail and finalize the direction of all of these disciplines. DBI has a tremendous database and relationships with qualified Architects, Professionals, Contractors, Materialmen and Trades People. DBI will assist in the selection and preparation of Requests for Proposal for all services, administer solicitation for responses, assist in response evaluation and selection and Value Engineering.

Contract Preparation and Negotiation

Once a decision has been made as to which contractor, architect, designer, tradesmen, or materialmen is going to be hired, it is essential to prepare and negotiate documents, to be ironclad. Failure to do so can produce negative results. The construction industry is very complex. Most contractors, attorneys and accountants do not know how to protect you, the consumer, from all of the pitfalls. DBI has the utmost experience and expertise in providing you with failsafe methods. DBI will negotiate with all successful bidders to achieve the lowest price, highest quality and shortest time line.

Bidding Process

In order to maximize the yield on your investment, the bidding process must be detail oriented and controlled with precision and the absolute knowledge and importance of every detail; all of the "nuts and bolts", methods, materials and ability of each discipline which you are considering hiring for your project. DBI's expertise in this area is second to none. DBI will structure bid packages to contain all information, specifications and parameters to assure that vendors submit a well-prepared, complete bid at a competitive price; conduct pre-bid meetings with pre-qualified bidders to ensure work scope compliance; DBI will make sure that the project can be built to accomplish all goals, and DBI will conduct an analysis, including site review and initial code compliance, initial cost analysis (usually at schematics phase of document preparation), separate the project into clearly defined bid packages, solicit pricing for the packages from pre-qualified subcontractors and material or equipment vendors, and prepare a complete scope of work for every vendor and ensure compliance (review and verify bids).

Permit Process

The permit application process in South Florida is complex and detailed, requiring a special expertise. A sound relationship with building departments is critical for a successful project. DBI has had lots of experience with these agencies. All information, plans and applications are researched, completed and revised prior to submittal to the municipality. DBI will fill out all necessary applications, assemble all supporting documentation, submit applications, track the progress through the building department, see that additional requirements as may be requested by the jurisdictional agency are provided timely, and attend public and private meetings such as Zoning Boards, Community Appearance Boards, Home Owner Associations, Condo Associations, etc. DBI will see the permitting process through to the issuance of a permit.

Construction Management

DBI can provide any and all services required; from concept to pre-design, through construction and building occupancy in accordance with time and budget constraints. Our extensive expertise ensures every service that may be needed on new construction, renovation, restoration and alteration projects as well as distressed project workouts. Every construction project requires a team of dedicated, highly organized, well-focused individuals. In addition to ensuring consistent quality assurance and serving as a liaison between the construction team and the management team, the main responsibilities of a construction manager include:

  • Control and coordinate all communications
  • Set the standards for open communication channels to facilitate discussion and problem solving
  • Coordinate all meetings between client, design professionals, contractors and subcontractors
  • Prepare and secure agreements, outlining a clear and concise definition of project program and scope,
         including final budget and schedule

  • Continually update and revise schedules
  • Procurement of lead items
  • Set project staging
  • Stay in constant contact with the local municipality to ensure timely inspections and issuance of a C.O.

  • Review all construction budgets generated at all phases
  • Review all contract documents and related scopes
  • Compare and analyze the actual cost to budget cost
  • All estimating and cost input to be done without delay

    Establish Procedures:
  • Implement procedures for communications, tracking logs and reporting formats.
  • Establish and implement procedures for meetings and the delivery of information.
  • Establish a format and schedule for all meetings and identify key players

    Preliminary Cost Estimates

    DBI will guide the process in the preparation of preliminary cost estimates and direct the project so that it stays on target with the budget.

    Turning Negatives Into Positives

    A main focus is to identify the negatives and to turn them into positive solutions. DBI views negatives as a positive for our clients. It yields more productive negotiations, more money and time saved with a higher quality and more cost effective project as an end result.

    Construction Estimating

    Computer generated conceptual estimates based on preliminary design information to the development of detailed cost estimates upon receipt of final plans and specifications. Proven cost engineering principles and practices yield accurate and reliable budget objectives.

    Value Analysis & Management

    Review and evaluate original design documents. Assess their function, quality, energy utilization and long-term costs. Suitable alternatives selected.

    Feasibility Study

    Study the needs, requirements and objectives of the client. Review the project theme and design. Insure that the highest and best use, with the least hassle, at the lowest cost and in the least amount of time, can be achieved or at the very least see if budget, zoning and code issues do not prevent the project from proceeding, thereby preventing unnecessary costs and time.

    Planning & Scheduling

    Schedules developed to show interrelationship of activities for the design, construction, furnishing and owner move-in stages of the project. Closely monitor to quickly identify and address potential problem areas for least impact on time and cost performance.

    Building Inspection

    Verify quality and quantity of construction. Investigate problem areas. Report condition and function of building components and elements.

    Construction Cost Management

    Closely monitor differences between real cost and budgeted cost throughout the project. Effectively reduce cost overruns and claims.

    Change Order Analysis

    Detailed analysis, review and documentation of change orders to original contract. Implement independent quantity take-offs, pricing analysis and schedule adjustments for determination of real time and cost.

    Claims Evaluation & Management

    Merits of claims and counterclaims assessed through attentive inspection of contract documents, detailed analysis of project records, and job site interviews with key personnel. DBI will participate in negotiation, arbitration and litigation.

    Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving of Projects In Progress (Distressed Projects)

    DBI will asses the situation of an ongoing project in which there are any conflicts or issues regarding any, but not limited to; quality and quantity control, substitution of materials, interpretation of documents, contract administration, payment, scheduling and deadline, punchlist, change order, accounting or legal. DBI can help identify problems, negotiate, mediate or arbitrate, act as an expert witness, or just simply provide solutions.

    Analyze, Measure and Track a Project

    With accuracy and precision, DBI can analyze the current status of your project. Provide solutions to get it back on budget and back on track by, preparing a Master Schedule for the project listing all milestones required and conducting regular reviews and updates as needed to keep the process on track.

    Site Selection

    DBI can review all RFP responses for potential sites, conduct analysis for all sites to determine the feasibility of the purpose and theme of the project, provide recommendations on maximum site use (highest and best use) and assist in selection of soil analysis engineers and land surveyors.

    General Construction

    DBI is a licensed general contractor and can perform all of the services of a general contractor for any and all phases of construction from concept to completion, of any type and any size project

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